E10D Driver Incentives

Driver Incentives for E10D events: 

For all those who are concerned with rising cost. Even though our costs are rising, our goal is to try to make this as affordable as possible and encourage drivers to come out who have little or no experience. These will apply to all east10drift events (except Bristol events.)

Driver incentives: (Make money!)

• For every 250 guests that attend the events, Drivers will receive $5 back. (So, make sure to invite and promote the hell out of our events!

• Ride-alongs: We have changed our policy. This year ride-alongs are $5 per ride. Out of those $5 dollars, the driver gets $2 dollars.

We average 400 to 500 spectators per event, and we hope to increase those numbers with your help! 

**Remember these are rain or shine events!**

Please share this with drivers you know who have come out to our events or are thinking of participating!