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What does the Affiliate Program get me?

You’ll get 10% store credit from sales that will be applied at the end of the month. This can be used towards future event drivers fees or merchandise.

For example if a user purchases a spectator ticket using your referral link that you’ve posted for 10.00 you will get a 1.00 back towards store credit. If you refer someone and they buy $100 dollars worth of merchandise you will get $10 that will be applied towards drivers fees.

20% off goods and services at AZ Rag Installations and Print Services.

If a driver registers using your referral URL, you will not be paid out on that referral this program is specifically to drive spectator sales and merchandise. 

This page will be updated on a regular basis Please check back for more information as time goes on.

Affiliate Change Log:

v0.5: Beta – Media Affiliate Page Built
v0.6: Beta – Affiliate Terms and Conditions Added
v0.7: Beta – Ads section added

Hello Media,

You are invited to join our media affiliate program to gain an in store credit by selling tickets and merchandise by using a unique url or web address that is tied to your account. Let’s get started on getting your account set up.

Step 1:

Sign Up for an East10Drift User Account here:

You will get a confirmation email. If you have purchased a spectators ticket in the past you more than likely have an account, unless you checked out as a guest. If you are unable to login, email zac and he will look up your account to see if it exists. Be sure to include the email address and first and last name.

Step 2:

Fill out this form as completely as possible It will allow us to turn on your affiliate account as well as build your media profile section.

Media Affiliate Application



Step 3:

Join our Facebook discussion group here:

Step 4:

After your account is approved, create a unique campaign url tied to your account to share at this link:

You must leave the PAGE URL, you can optionally put in a campaign name if you wish then click the purple button to generate the url.

Step 5:

Share this URL on facebook and social media to your friends and family. Soon we will have animated banners, as well as artwork available on this page that you can share with the url. We will also be doing examples on how to post and make the most use of this program.



Event Flyers:

Icebowl – Social Media Format

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