Current Contingency Partners

Cosmis – 30% to all registered drivers (i.e. $300 +/- per registered driver, seasonal off of a total  sale of $1060)

XS Power- 50% off any product for 1, 2, and 3 and then a single season series winner

$500 package for series winner

Hal Tech  $400+/event

1st Place – $150 Product Certificate

2nd Place – $100 Product Certificate

3rd Place – $50 Product Certificate

An additional $50 will awarded to any winning driver who is already utilizing Haltech products

Grip Royal Wheel to 1st  place ($200+ value)

AZ Rag I&PS – $6100 Season Value

$500 Livery Kit for 1st

$250 Graphics Kit for 2nd

$150 Sticker Kit for 3rd

Series winner obtains full sponsorship wrap valued at $2500.00

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SoD mission statement:

The State of Drift strives to further develop drivers beyond the street car stage. SoD will give drivers the ability to participate in a competitive environment and develop skills that they will be able use to showcase live in front of a captive audience. Drivers will be guided and shown how to promote themselves and their sponsors while gaining the detrimental skill set needed for a Pro-Am series. SoD will provide drivers the guidelines for developing a vehicle suitable for a Pro-Am career, which meet Semi-Pro Turismo Drift standards.

Traction Optional, TND, and East10Drift are again coming together to bring you season 3 of the grassroots competition series! This year there will be new things and new looks. The most obvious, our new logo! We have dropped “Tennessee” from the name and have dubbed it the “State of Drift” grassroots competition series. We will again, continue the same trend and work to provide drivers the opportunity to participate in a competitive environment. We will continue the cash payout program, and we will also be implementing a product payout program! Drivers, you can still find the rule book above in the menu. The 3 biggest things? Approved Cage. Helmet. Racesuit! Drivers, please read through the Registration details and the Contindency program details. (once posted) Registration links will be posted per event. This year we will be condensing the series a bit. In our inagural year we held 6 events. Two events each in Memphis, the Nashville area, and Knoxville. This year we will be starting and ending the series in Nashville and visit the Memphis and Knoxville areas once. We understand the costs that are involved in traveling and that there are also other events that you may want to attend. These 4 events will be vital and close in points!


Please feel free to hit us up with any questions or concerns. Our goal is to make this as inexpensive as possible!

Round 1 2018 Registration is available by clicking here.

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