We want you there!

Promote the event that you will be at, via Social Media so people know what you are involved with!
This includes posting of the event flyers, links to the event’s social media channel on your website and invite people via social media channels.

East10Drift has been hosting drift events since March of 2012 and welcomes you to take part as a vendor. East10Drift events have gained a huge amount of momentum and your participation will provide you with great exposure.

These event are packed with people and cars from in and outside of the East Tennessee region. Being a part of the Vendor Row will put you out front and center with your clientele and prospective customers all day.

If you will be setting up as a vendor there are a few things you need to know and take care of.

When finished filling in the information below please See further instructions below…

Check out our season schedule to see which event you’d like to attend!
Booth space is limited to a space for a 10’×10′ tent, table and 1 car.
Set up Time: “No Later” than 9:00 AM on Event days.
You will be provided with passes for to attendees.
Staff will be there to guide you to your space.

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