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Bristol Street Fights Round #1

Good morning Drivers and fans of drift! We welcome you to our first Bristol event of the season! It’s a beautiful morning and the weather is going to be great. We just finished up tech and the drivers meeting. Course run through is happening now and we’ll be track hot. Stay tuned throughout the day we’ll be live blogging the event on this article as well as posting to our social media; Facebook, instagram, etc. We appreciate everyone making it out. If you haven’t been to an event before here is a link to our last event at Smokies Stadium, the ice bowl.

UPDATE: Here’s video footage by Amber Nguyen from the event:




We thank everyone for making it out. Please share this url for friends and familia that couldn’t make it out today.

Also Don’t forget about or $200 Grip Royal Gift Card Give Away.

Run Group A just finished up their warm up round. Gates will be opening at noon for spectators! Here’s a photo dump. This is a fast course and the rubber is warm!

IMG_3925 IMG_3931 IMG_3935 IMG_3943 IMG_3946 IMG_3953 IMG_3968 IMG_3971 IMG_3987 IMG_4010 IMG_4035 IMG_4065 IMG_4081 IMG_4114 IMG_4127 IMG_4135 IMG_4149 IMG_4226 IMG_4239 IMG_4262

Here are some fresh pictures! The tandems are starting and we have a full crowd coming in the gate.

IMG_4353 IMG_4371 IMG_4381 IMG_4393 IMG_4400 IMG_4405 IMG_4414 IMG_4451 IMG_4490 IMG_4504 IMG_4593 IMG_4627

IMG_4736 IMG_4750 IMG_4758 IMG_4785 IMG_4808 IMG_4809 IMG_4838 IMG_4943 IMG_4953 IMG_4964

More pictures coming soon!

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