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Ice Bowl 2016

It’s that time again. The time for drift for 2016 in East Tennessee, Join us on February 27th at Smokies Stadium for our annual Ice Bowl.

For those not familiar with the Ice Bowl, it is our launch event for the drift season. As you know East Tennessee weather is like a roller coaster so it could be 20 degrees or 70 but we drift rain or shine or snow.

This is the 4th Ice Bowl and our 5th year of drift, so here’s a main run down on what to expect.

  • Bacon
  • Tacos
  • Drifting
  • Hardparking

No particular order in the above mentioned activities.

So if you are a driver you’ll want to register here. If you are a photographer register here. If you are participating in the car meet or are a spectator click here to get your entry.


Gates open at 10am at Smokies Stadium, check us out on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook for current info as we get closer to event day.

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New Events, New Locations 2015

This year, in E10D’s mission to make events more available to local drivers, we will be hitting up 2 new locations! Almost for as long as E10D’s existance, we have attempeted to represent East10Drift in the Bristol area. Well, this year it finaly has happened! With the help of E10D driver Austin Sorah, who’s local to Bristol, we have managed to create a partnership with the fine folks at Bristol Street Fights! Brandon Cross and his crew will be hosting East10Drift at the ThunderValley Bristol Street Fights event on Saturday March 28th. Drivers will be able to take advantage of a HUUUGE lot, which will be set up for both technical transitions and highspeed entries. This event is not just for the well experienced. If you have a rearwheel drive car, you can slide it! We welcome ALL drivers, novice and pros! Another great location we’ll be shreading at this year will be in Huntsville, Alabama! The boys down south are itching to slide and we’re going to do what we can to make it happen! Tentatively scheduled, E10D will be making the trip down to Huntsville twice this year! The first event on Saturday, June 6th and the second on Saturday, July 11th! Frank Milton Stadium will be the location! Again, we welcome all drivers! Keep an eye out for further developements! East10Drift gets the party started February 21st at Smokies Stadium! Bristol to Bama, baby!!