These media personal attend our meets on a regular basis and bring us excellent footage and coverage of east10drift events! We invite you to check out the links in their bio to view their work and we thank them for continuing to help spread the word of local grassroots drifting.


Daniel Queen

Daniel Queen

Tennessee Touge Society

About Daniel:

Started racing meth karts with WKA when I was 10, always loved racing on dirt and walking the kart up the track. Found hotversion and best motoring short time later and discovered drifting and touge racing. Started watching tokyopop version of initial D around 03 and knew i was onto something special and been a fan since.

I currently drive a 95 mazda miata with a stock motor. car is built for grip but I love sliding too much to not try for both.

Hometown: Bluff City, TN

    Andy Stacy

    Andy Stacy

    Night Shift Garage

    Hometown: Johnson City, TN

      Chris Wenzel

      Chris Wenzel

      Redline Enthusiasts

      About Chris:

      From the young age playing with Hot Wheels to playing simulation racing games, I have always loved cars and motorsports. Like many, The Fast and The Furious really pushed the idea into my head that you can modify any car (even relatively cheap) and have fun with it.

      Then I watched Tokyo Drift and everything changed.

      I loved watching Japanese cars billow smoke from the rear tires and always imagined the adrenaline that must be pumping through the driver’s veins. Since so many don’t have the chance to partake in racing, I decided shooting photos and videos of motorsports would be a great way for enthusiasts to live vicariously through the visuals and feel as if they were actually on the track. The motivation, dedication, and passion of the driver’s fuel my continued desire to tell their story and display their efforts.

      Hometown: Knoxville, TN

        Jason Glasgow

        Jason Glasgow

        Underworld Media

        Drifting for me as stemmed from watching super cool videos online. I eventually got the opportunity not only to make cool videos, but to be in someone else’s cool videos as well. I like to capture the best looking, sounding and overall best cars in general while filming, it always draws attention and that is what I love about this sport.

        Hometown: Chester, VA

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